Systems Engineering Seminar

Knowledge Management:
An Introduction and Activities at GSFC

Dr. Jay Liebowitz

February 5, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium

This presentation will provide an introduction to knowledge management and will highlight knowledge management activities at NASA Goddard. Knowledge management is the process of creating value from an organization's intangible assets. Simply put, it deals with how to best leverage knowledge internally and externally. As studies indicate, up to fifty percent of the federal civilian workforce in all US government agencies will be eligible to retire in the next few years. In order to build the institutional memory of the organization, knowledge management techniques are being applied for knowledge capture activities. At GSFC, our knowledge management strategy is built upon three prongs: formalizing and systematically capturing critical knowledge, creating a unified knowledge network, and strengthening incentives for reusing and sharing knowledge.


Dr. Jay Liebowitz is the newly appointed Knowledge Management Officer at NASA Goddard. Previously, he was the Robert W. Deutsch Distinguished Professor of Information Systems at UMBC. He also has served as Professor of Management Science at George Washington University and Chair of Artificial Intelligence at the US Army War College. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Expert Systems With Applications: An International Journal (published by Elsevier), and founder and Chair of The World Congress on Expert Systems. He has worked on and off at Goddard over the past twenty years, starting during his doctoral studies. He has published 28 books and over 220 papers, mostly dealing with expert/intelligent systems, knowledge management, and information systems technology/management.


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