Systems Engineering Seminar

Integrated Modeling and Advanced Engineering Environments

Presented by:
Gary Mosier/531 and Johnny Medina/531

IT Demonstrations supported by:
Christopher Stone of Constellation Software Engineering, and
Jason VandenAkker of Oculus Technologies Corp

March 5, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Building 8 Auditorium

This presentation will address the questions: "What is Integrated Modeling?" and "Where might it be headed?" The speakers will first touch on the role of modeling and analysis within the systems engineering process at NASA. Next, an overview will be given of the role modeling and simulation has played so far in the development of the Next Generation Space Telescope. Lessons learned from this experience will be discussed. The presentation will conclude with a discussion, and demonstration, of how advances in information systems technology are converging with CAD/CAE software to produce advanced engineering "environments" that enable efficient, interactive, and collaborative design, modeling, and simulation.



Mr. Gary mosier is a systems engineer at the Goddard Space Flight Center, where he has been employed since 1987. Currently, his primary assignment is lead for Integrated Modeling and Systems Analysis on the Next Generation Space Telescope project. He has published papers based on his work at Goddard in the areas of robotics, spacecraft attitude control systems, and multi-disciplinary modeling and simulation.

Mr. Johnny Medina Mr. Johnny Medina is a Computer Engineer in the Systems Engineering Services & Advanced Concepts Branch, Code 530 providing Information Based Systems Engineering (IBSE) support to the NGST program in the areas of integrated modeling environment, distributed collaboration, and large scale information systems support life-cycle engineering. Mr. Medina has worked in the area of IBSE for two years now in agency local work for such teams as the Integrated Mission Design Center. Current activities include integrated modeling for the LISA mission, support to the Agency Engineering for Complex Systems Program for Risk Management Tools, and other related areas. Mr. Medina has a Master's Degree in Computer Graphics & Multimedia, and Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and has been working for Goddard since 1990.

Mr. Christopher Stone of Constellation Software Engineering, Chris is a consultant to Code 531 in research & development of Enterprise IT capabilities such as the Workspace and other IBSE elements. Constellation Software Engineering provides NASA with the key technologies and expertise in enterprise and web technologies along with the design methods which enable the products developed within Code 531.

Mr. Jason VandenAkker of Oculus Technologies Corp, Jason is providing some insights from the marketplace to Code 531 and GSFC in the areas of integrated engineering capabilities. Oculus is owner & developer of the CO product which illustrates some of the concepts presented in this briefing as well as ideas within the IBSE thrust in Code 531.



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