Systems Engineering Seminar

NASA's Nuclear Propulsion Program

Presented by:
Raynor Taylor/ NASA Headquarters, Code S

July 9, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Building 8 Auditorium

Mr. Taylor will present an overview of NASA's Nuclear Systems Initiative including types of nuclear power considered and types of missions enabled by nulcear power.



Ray Taylor leads the planning and early research and development activities of the NASA Nuclear Systems Initiative (NSI) within the Office of Space Science (Code S), NASA Headquarters. NSI is led by NASA Headquarters, with critical supporting technology development activities led by the Department of Energy, Glenn Research Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Kennedy Space Flight Center, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Prior to this assignment, Mr. Taylor served as Deputy Project Manager, NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP), Goddard Space Flight Center. NPP is a joint mission of NASA, NOAA, and DOD for global climate observation continuity and risk reduction flights of critical sensors prior to the first flight of the National Polar-orbiting Operational Satellite System (NPOESS).

Prior to NPP, Mr. Taylor served as Instrument Accommodation Manager within the EOS Terra Project. Launched in 1999, Terra is the first EOS multidisciplinary research satellite, with contributions from Langley Research Center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Japan, and Canada.

Prior to coming to NASA in 1990, Mr. Taylor served at Naval Reactors Headquarters in Washington D.C. Naval Reactors is responsible for all aspects of the design and operation of naval nuclear propulsion plants.


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