Systems Engineering Seminar

Goddard's Launch Range at Wallops:
Current Capabilities, New Initiatives, and Technology Opportunities

Presented by:
Jay Pittman
Chief of the Range and Mission Management Office
Wallops Flight Facility , Code 840

October 1, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium


Goddard's Launch Range at Wallops is one of the premier launch facilities in the world. Over its 45 year history, it has been responsible for the deployment of 100's of sounding rockets, numerous orbital class missions, and thousands of missile, aircraft, UAV, and balloon missions for NASA, other federal agencies, and commercial organizations. Its unique location not only positions the range as a traditional launch and test range but also places it optimally to deliver instrument systems in support of new research into Coastal Zone phenomena and other missions. In this colloquium, the author will describe the current capabilities of the Range. He will discuss a number of new initiatives in progress to improve and upgrade the capabilities of the Range and expand its appeal to new science and other flight customers, and he will identify the Technology thrusts supportive of the range and its capabilities.



Jay Pittman came to Goddard Space Flight Center as a software engineer in 1989. He had previously worked as a software and data analyst for the National Security Agency. As a software engineer he developed and maintained real time launch support systems for the Instrumentation and Engineering Branch, Code 820. In 1994 he became the software design and team lead for ground station automation efforts supporting what is now the Ground Network. In 1998 he developed a plan for an integrated GSFC/WFF participation in launch range technologies - the Advanced Range Technology Initiative (ARTI), and he led several of the development efforts to produce concepts and systems supporting next- generation flight and ground systems. In this role he was a leader in the development of formal collaboration between WFF, KSC, and MSFC engineers supporting Range Technology activities. In 2001 he was selected as the Chief of the Range and Mission Management Office, Code 840. He is a 1987 graduate of Virginia Tech.


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