Systems Engineering Seminar
Special session in conjunction with the
GSFC Engineering Colloquium

NASA's Space Architect,
Roles, Responsibilities, and Development of an Integrated Space Plan

Presented by:
Gary L. Martin
NASA Space Architect

MONDAY January 13, 2003, 3:30 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium


One NASA - One Strategy - One Message when it comes to space exploration. The space architect serves as the integration point for all space related technology. The Space Architect's responsibilities include:



picture of Gary Martin

Gary L. Martin was named NASA's Space Architect on October 11, 2002. In this position, Mr. Martin sets NASA's future technology requirements and monitors development programs to ensure systems will be ready when needed to support the next-generation science objectives. Martin served as Assistant Associate Administrator for Advanced Systems in NASA's Office of Space Flight from July 2000 until the recent appointment. Prior to the Office of Space Flight Mr. Martin spent four years at Goddard Space Flight Center. Gary began his career at NASA in 1990 as the primary interface for requirements between the microgravity science community and the designers of the Space Station. He was the Branch Chief for Advanced Programs (1992-94) within the Microgravity Sciences and Applications Division and then the Division's acting Deputy Director (1994-96). During this time he managed technology development and space flight hardware such as the Space Acceleration Measurements System and the Microgravity Glovebox, families of hardware whose units flew on both Shuttle and Mir.



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