Systems Engineering Seminar

The Twelve Roles and Three Types of Systems Engineering

Presented by:
Sarah Sheard
Software Productivity Consortium

Februray 11, 2003, 1:00 p.m.
GSFC Building 3 Auditorium


This presentation will reprise the presenter's popular INCOSE paper titled "Twelve Systems Engineering Roles" (available at These roles define what a systems engineer, or a group or concept called "systems engineering," is expected to do. A description of each role is followed by thoughts on how the role may be changing today. In addition, the speaker will discuss three different types of systems engineering implementation, all of which are relevant to NASA, namely Discovery (or exploring the problem space and determining a solution is feasible), Program Systems Engineering (or refining the solution space until a system is ready), and Approach, or implementing the systems approach in whatever engineering we do.



Sarah A. Sheard has been a member of INCOSE since 1992 and has over twenty years experience in systems engineering. She is an associate editor of the INCOSE journal Systems Engineering; has chaired the Communications committee and the Measurement tech­nical committee of INCOSE; has served as programs chair and is now Director of the Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) chapter; and has published over 20 papers on systems engineering and process improvement. Ms. Sheard was the 2002 recipient of INCOSE's Founder's Award. Ms. Sheard is the Technical Lead for systems engineering at the Software Productivity Consortium.


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