Systems Engineering Seminar

Project Prometheus:
Implementing a Managed Approach to Risk Communication

Presented by:
Victoria P. Friedensen,
Policy and Communications Manager Nuclear Systems Initiative,
Office of Space Science NASA HQ, Code S

May 6, 2003 , 1:00 p.m.
GSFC Building 3 Auditorium


NASA is developing a new model for risk communication that provides a managed approach to communication and outreach activities related to the development, design, use, and possible flight of space nuclear power systems. At this time, this program is being developed at Headquarters and the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and will later be extended to all the NASA Centers.

This model will feature two types of activities: a procedure for managing development, review and dissemination of risk communication products, and a program that will develop and conduct outreach and engagement activities that will be based on a broad exchange of ideas and information between NASA and the public on the use of these technologies. These approaches to risk communication will provide for risk communication, education and outreach, and media relations; disseminate consistent, accurate, quality information on the benefits of the scientific knowledge enabled by space nuclear power; provide for proactive, cooperative engagement with a broad range of potential stakeholders including environmental organizations; and includes technology education and outreach programs and materials



VICTORIA PIDGEON FRIEDENSEN is Policy and Communications Manager for Project Prometheus, Office of Space Science, NASA. On detail from the National Academy of Engineering, Ms. Friedensen specializes in policy development and risk communication related to the use of space nuclear power. As the Policy and Communications Manager, Ms. Friedensen is responsible for materials, messages, communication policies and the development of the Project Prometheus risk communication program. As program officer for the Academy, Ms. Friedensen was responsible for the Academy's ongoing program to ensure the vitality of the science and engineering workforce for the 21st century. She also spends her time, for the Academy and NASA, in thinking about long term technology development and acceptance, and resulting impacts for the space program. She holds degrees in anthropology and science and technology studies. Ms. Friedensen is a doctoral candidate in science and technology studies at Virginia 'Tech where she is focusing on perception of risk within the context of technologies to support human presence in space.


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