Systems Engineering Seminar

Capitol College's Space Operation Institute

Presented by:Ken Dolan, Director Space Operations Institute and
Pat Smit, Academic Dean of Capitol College

February 3, 2004, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium

Capitol College's Space Operation Institute

Capitol College is a fully accredited college conferring Bachelor of Science Degrees in astronautical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, management of information technology, software engineering, and in software and internet applications; Master of Science degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, information architecture, information and telecommunications systems management, and network security; and a Master of Business Administration degree.

In the fall of 2002, Capitol College received a 3-year grant from Goddard to establish a Space Operations Institute (SOI) to manage satellite operations and develop a program preparing students for careers in space mission operations. The SOI is responsible for the operation of 4-NASA satellites, training students in mission operations and related fields, and establishing a consortium of educational institutions, industrial partners, and government agencies. The SOI is focused on increasing the number of students going into engineering and science and funneling these students into positions in the space industry with government agencies and industrial partners in the area.

The SOI has been established to be a resource to the space program. We are looking for input as to how we are doing and ways to improve.



S. Kenneth Dolan has spent forty plus years in the space business, Mr. Dolan has worked on a wide variety of programs in both private industry and as a civil servant. He has advanced through the ranks, starting as Guidance, Navigation, & Controls specialist on the Gemini launch vehicle, three major NASA observatories, three explorers, and the Solar Max Repair mission. He was a Deputy Project Manager on the Multi Mission Modular Spacecraft Project overseeing development of the spacecraft bus for the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and the Extreme Ultra Violet Explorer. He was also the Project Manager of the Earth Science Mission Operations Project and Deputy Project Manager for Landsat-7. He is presently the Director of the Space Operations Institute at Capitol College.

Mr. Dolan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Math-Physics from St. Joseph’s College, a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

Patrick Smit started out teaching at the Chinese High School in South Africa and later became a Scientist in the Electronics and Acoustics Division of the South African Bureau of Standards working primarily on performance parameters for television and radio receivers, and on a computer program to predict noise levels around airports. He came to the US in 1979 and spent most of the next 10 years as a computer consultant developing database applications and designing networks for government and private clients. His love of teaching eventually drew him back into academics, first as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland University College, and then as full-time faculty at Capitol College where he was twice awarded the Alpha Chi Esteemed Professor Award by the students, before taking on the chairmanship of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department and subsequently becoming the school's academic dean.

Pat Smit has a BS in Physics and Mathematics and MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.



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