Systems Engineering Seminar

A Collaborative Tool Dilemma:
The Virtual System Design Environment (VSDE)

Presented by: Dale Spalding,
Constellation Software Engineering, Corp (CSE)

February 8, 2005, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium

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In today's distributed work environment the need to share information among various sites and electronic platforms is essential during all stages of a project. In the past this was difficult due to the limitations in technology and the differences that exist between collaborative tool design and the natural flow of information within virtual teams. With the evolution of the web-based environment and improvements in collaborative tool and portal design, teams are now utilizing the technology as a central focus point instead of a tool that fulfills only a single function.

This presentation discusses how the problems associated with distributed teaming are addressed within the Virtual System Design Environment (VSDE). The VSDE provides a collaborative design environment, providing geographically distributed design teams single point access to all product design data and tools via their desktop computers and Internet access.

This presentation highlights the results of case studies and analysis of VSDE users. The studies examine the cost, functionality, and utilization of VSDE in the Systems Engineering environment. This includes examining how the functionality of saving team information, sharing files and conducting on-line discussions allows team members to communicate regardless of location or systems. It is also a look into how VSDE provides a secure entry point for access to applications that would otherwise be inaccessible to those individuals in remote locations. VSDE is part of a growing trend in systems architecture and design which is directed towards increasing individual productivity, decreasing the need for employee travel, and making information more accessible.



Dale Spalding is a Senior Software Engineer with Constellation Software Engineering, Corp (CSE). He currently holds the position of Virtual System Design Environment (VSDE) Lead for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Code 592, Systems Engineering Services and Advanced Concepts branch (SESAC). Mr. Spalding holds a Master of Science in Information Systems (MIS) degree and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology degree. Previously, Mr. Spalding was a Systems Analyst supporting the Navy's Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) program in Dahlgren, Virginia.


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