Systems Engineering Seminar

Independent Verification and Validation: The NASA Approach

Presented by: Kenneth Costello
NASA IV&V Program Lead Engineer

September 12, 2006, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium

Independent Verification and Validation: The NASA Approach

This presentation will present an overview of the IV&V Program and how the concept of IV&V is executed within NASA. It will discuss what IV&V is and what it is not, the process that NASA uses to determine what projects the IV&V Program will work with, the approach that the IV&V Program takes to planning the tasks to be executed and how those tasks are executed.



Kenneth Costello has over 18 years of experience working on various NASA projects and 1 year developing computer games. He has worked as a V&V and IV&V Engineer for the Space Shuttle and Space Station. As an IV&V Project Manager, he has managed the IV&V efforts for numerous missions including, the Checkout and Launch Control System, Mars Exploration Rovers and Deep Impact among several others. Ken has served as the IV&V Program Lead for KSC and JPL. Currently, Ken is the NASA IV&V Program Lead Engineer and is responsible for assuring that work performed by the IV&V Program is of the highest quality. Ken has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and a MS in Software Engineering from West Virginia University. Ken is also the Vice-Chair of the IEEE Working Group for the Software Verification and Validation Standard (1012) and teaches classes in software engineering for West Virginia University.


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