Systems Engineering Seminar

Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate, GSFC Code 300
- A Value Added Organization

Presented by:
Michael P. Kelly
Chief, Institutional Support Office, Code 302

February 3, 2009, 1:00 p.m.
Building 3 Auditorium


Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate, GSFC Code 300
- A Value Added Organization

In early 2008, the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSSMA), Code 300 was re-organized and became a Directorate at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA-D) provides an independent voice to enable Mission Success. This presentation provides an overall description of the new SMA-D, which has been under the leadership of Marcus Watkins since 2007.

Our SMA-D Core Values are:

As the new organization continues to mature, new support services are being developed and implemented throughout the Center to support NASA/GSFC projects/missions, efficiently and effectively. Code 300’s efforts are vital, and therefore, the directorate is taking proactive steps via outreach to ensure the GSFC workforce understands the role we play. Moreover, we ensure that NASA/GSFC missions continue to be successful by providing our scientists with unadulterated, pristine data. NASA/GSFC’s missions continue to push the limits of technology, cost, and schedule, and Code 300 must continue to work with our project’s, engineering, and procurement communities to ensure NASA/GSFC remains the Best “WE CAN BE”.

Key topics to be addressed include:

  1. How Code 300 fits into the GSFC Organization
  2. How Code 300 Organization Interacts with GSFC Projects
  3. NASA/GSFC Mission Assurance Approach
  4. How do the Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officers team with System Engineering and Project Managers?
  5. What role does the System Review Office serve with the projects?
  6. What new functions exist within SMAD to support GSFC missions?
  7. What are GIDEP and NASA Workmanship Standards?
  8. Brief discussion of System Safety and Reliability Services and Deliverables
  9. Presenter’s Lessons Learned from various missions



Photo of Mike Kelly Michael P. Kelly is Chief of the Institutional Support Branch within the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Directorate of System Safety and Mission Assurance in Greenbelt, Maryland.  Mike provides technical leadership for multiple activities (internal auditing, Supplier Assessments, Directives Management, On-Orbit Anomalies, GOLD Rules) in support of NASA/GSFC.

Since December 2006, Mike has been the NASA/GSFC Supply Chain Manager visiting and leading in-depth AS9100 assessments at over 50 aerospace suppliers.  Mike is also the Center Technical Liaison for implementation of the NASA Contract Assurance Services (NCAS) Contract, which provides in-plant mission assurance support to monitor/witness testing and conduct inspections to the NASA standards.  Mike participates in NASA Agency Assessments and several NASA Quality Initiatives including the Joint Audit Planning Committee, Supplier Outreach Process Control Assurance Program, NASA Assurance Management Team, and the Quality Leadership Forum.

Prior to his Supply Chain role, Mike was the Systems Assurance Manager (SAM) for 15 years working many NASA projects including GOES-Series, STEREO, SWIFT, SOLAR-B, EO-1, XTE, TRMM, ACE, TOPEX, and MOLA.  Mike's responsibilities as a SAM included development/implementation of Mission Assurance/Safety Requirements, Supplier Audits and Assessments, Material and Failure Review Board dispositions, and Inspection Services (to name a few). Mike was the “independent voice” on each and every one of these very successful missions.



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