Systems Engineering Seminar

Systems Engineering When the System is in Pieces: Your Role after CDR and before System Integration

Presented by:
David Everett/599, Project Systems Engineer for the OSIRIS-REx

Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 1:00 pm
Building 3 Auditorium


After the mission-level Critical Design Review (CDR), the component requirements have been defined and the builders are fabricating all of the system components. The textbook view has the Mission Systems Engineer (MSE) finalizing system-level test and operations planning while others are busy building to the requirements. In reality, numerous issues occur during the building of hardware and coding of software, and the resolution of these problems will determine the ultimate cost, performance, and reliability of the entire system. It is the MSE’s job to ensure anomalies are tracked to root cause with appropriate corrective action, ensure the resolution does not compromise reliability and performance of the system, bring additional engineering expertise to bear when needed, and ensure excessive effort is not expended to resolve a performance shortfall that can be covered elsewhere in the system. This presentation will explore the role of the MSE after CDR and before system integration, with specific examples from LRO and OSIRIS-REx.



David Everett is currently the Project Systems Engineer for the OSIRIS-REx. In his 23 years at NASA, he has led the design, build, and launch of three spacecraft, and he was a key player during the launch of three others. Mr. Everett led the technical effort for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as the Mission Systems Engineer, from design through early-orbit operations. Mr. Everett has actively supported NASA outreach activities through over 60 speaking engagements. He has received 34 individual awards, 24 group awards, and a patent for his efforts at NASA; he has published 18 papers; and he co-edited (and wrote the spacecraft design chapter for) the book Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD. He earned a BSEE summa cum laude, at Virginia Tech in 1986 and a MSEE at the University of Maryland in 1989. Before he joined NASA in 1991, Mr. Everett worked at Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he was awarded two patents for his designs of RF circuits.


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