Systems Engineering Seminar

High Performance Teams

Presented by:
Dr. Arthur Shelley, Creator and Leader of the Organizational Zoo Ambassador Network

Thursday, June 25, 2015, 9:30am
Building 1, Room E100D


Effective teams know team how they interact has a significant impact on their performance, and yet very few organisations know how to proactively manage this. Professional teams flourish when an open and “safe-fail” behavioural environment is fostered and there is an understanding of the performance drivers in a constantly changing environment. This interactive workshop introduces creative and pragmatic ways to engage participants through activities based on The Organizational Zoo metaphors. The activities generate an atmosphere of trust and fun, involving participants to experience the impacts of behavioural diversity and help them to be comfortable with uncertainty and different approaches and perspectives.

This workshop draws on a wide range of principles and tools to holistically develop participants’ awareness of the impact of team interactions on the development of trust, relationships and partnerships. In the workshop participants engage in action learning for professional and personal development by APPLYING proven theories and practices. By interacting with each other around the concepts they experience the benefits greater behavioural awareness brings to the way we make decisions and interact with others, making it a rich learning opportunity with impact.



Arthur is collaborative leader who engages stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with a proven professional success record through 25+ years of experience across the corporate, government and tertiary education sectors. Internationally recognised as a knowledge and capability development thought leader equipped with a diversity of skills and achievements including being the author of two books, a regular international conference speaker, award winning tertiary teacher and a volunteer student mentor and career advisor.

Creator and leader of the Organizational Zoo Ambassador Network, an international association of professionals interested in sharing and innovative application of metaphor based behavioural learning and development to improve personal and team outcomes and build relationships.

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