Systems Engineering Seminar

JWST ISIM Environmental Test and Verification Review - "Running the Gauntlet"

Presented by:
Julie Van Campen, Code 592

Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 1:00 pm
Building 3 Auditorium


The Integrated Science Instrument Module Element is the James Webb Space Telescope's distributed science instrument payload system that includes a cryogenic module containing the Science Instrument payload, a Fine Guidance Sensor, supporting/metering structure, passive thermal control systems as well as a warm electronics compartment. ISIM verification is a rigorous process that includes a combination of inspections, analyses, and functional and environmental tests.

The verification of all the Element level requirements wove together an interesting flow of integration, deintegration, element level testing mixed with "sub-element" and non-flight-like testing. Mid-flow flight hardware changes brought schedule and handling risk challenges. Most major performance measures are based on cryogenic measurements and test-correlated models. The reliance on test-supported analysis for much of the final verification resulted in moving forward with delivery of the element prior to the completion of many analyses.

This presentation will review the top-level integration and test sequence and discuss the situations and experiences along the journey. This technically and geographically diverse team, with a complex organizational structure had several communication challenges. They managed international technical communication restrictions, antiquated processes and procedures and a schedule-critical timeline. Tight-knit planning and communication between systems leads, test leads and quality leads enabled aggressive real-time collaboration to ensure the technical objectives required for success were met as real-time decisions were made during the entire test and integration process. With a multi-year program at a high intensity level, teamwork made success possible.



Julie Van Campen is the NASA Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) systems engineer manager for the James Webb Space Telescope at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. In her role on Webb, Van Campen oversees all of the mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical interfaces between the subsystems and the ISIM, which is the integrated system of all four science instruments with shared support systems. As a systems engineer, she works to ensure her team's success. She focuses on communicating, collaborating and coordinating to find technical solutions. Her involvement with the Webb project extends back to 2003 when she joined the Webb team as an Integration and Testing systems engineer. Van Campen has spent the majority of her JWST-tenure as ISIM's Instrument Systems Engineer on both the NIRCam and NIRSpec instruments. Today, she continues her role as the ISIM lead systems engineer as ISIM is integrated and tested with the Telescope and Spacecraft Elements. She will continue to support JWST as the Deputy Mission Operations Manager through JWST's Commissioning.


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