Systems Engineering Seminar

Satellite Servicing and the Restore-L Mission

Presented by:
Bo Naasz/599, Restore-L Mission Systems Engineer

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 1:00 pm
Building 8 Auditorium


Bo Naasz is a graduate of Virginia Tech, with BS and MS Degrees in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently an engineer at the NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt, MD, serving in the Satellite Servicing Projects Division (SSPD). SSPD develops and flies robotic technologies for satellite servicing, and other human and robotic exploration and science missions. Recent and near-term SSCP missions include the Robotic Refueling Mission, Raven, Restore-L, and the Asteroid Redirect Mission's (ARM) Capture Module. Bo serves as the SSPD Systems Engineer, and the Restore-L Mission Systems Engineer.


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