Systems Engineering Seminar

Visual Thinking Workshop

Presented by:
Dr. Mark Boyes
Innovation Capability Development Manager - Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries

Monday, September 30, 2019

Building 1, Room E100E

Photo of Mark Boyes

Workshop Overview:

Most organizations aspire to be innovative, yet very few are able to achieve that goal. Innovation activities are frequently killed off or overlooked, not because managers are against them, in fact, many support the idea and the value that innovation adds to the organization. It is everyday work routines, environments, and processes that unintentionally disrupt innovation practices. So how might we embed an innovation mindset into everyday work habits?

In recent times, Design Thinking has become a popular methodology, Gamification, Open Innovation, Lean Thinking, and Agile are other ways. However, the simple act of Co-Creation, which is about sharing and refining our ideas, will often lead to the most ideal solutions without all the fan fair often associated with innovation activities.

Co-Creation is about stimulating conversations that matter, inspiring others, understanding problems, and driving the excitement around the possibilities. A key component of Co-Creation is the inclusion of a range of stakeholders to generate a wide and diverse range of perspectives and ideas. Using paper prototyping, such as illustrations we can showcase and refine our ideas, receive instant feedback, share our experiences, and increase stakeholder buy-in.

In this workshop participants will exercise their imaginations to fuel co-creation. We will stimulate conversations around the problems of today and the use of specifically designed interventions such as visual thinking and illustration to engage our creative talents.


Dr. Mark Boyes holds an Executive MBA (Distinction), a Ph.D. in Creative Thinking and with over 15 years of leadership experience in diverse project teams, information technology, and business transformation. During his research Mark was also a Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Strategy and Design Thinking at RMIT's Graduate School of Business and Law. Mark's experience is broad having worked across numerous sectors including Gaming, Finance, Retail, FMCG, Security, Pharmaceuticals and Human Resources. Mark has co-developed world's first technologies in the surveillance arena and more recently has been leading multi-million-dollar Business Intelligence projects. Mark is also a published illustrator and he has facilitated innovation and visualization sessions in organizations such as NASA, RMIT University, Bangkok University, Hemisphere Design School in France, Creative Melbourne and Creative Bangkok.


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