Systems Engineering Seminar

Model Based Systems Engineering, a stepping stone on the path to Digital Engineering

Presented by:
Dave Richardson/Code 592
Associate Branch Head

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 1:00 pm
Building 3 Auditorium (GSFC)


Digital Engineering is a term that is used more and more frequently, although a formal definition does not exist. This seminar will discuss some thinking about Digital Engineering, and explore the role of Model Based Systems (MBSE) Engineering as a stepping stone on the path to Digital Engineering. The discussion will highlight the role of MBSE in the overall engineering process, and focus on current Center and Agency activities with regard to MBSE. In addition, the current state of the art for some MBSE activities that the Mission Engineering and Systems Analysis Division is performing will be explored in the context of adopting MBSE approaches to support a digital engineering future.


Dave Richardson is currently serving as the Associate Branch Head in the GSFC Instrument and Payload Systems Engineering Branch. After receiving mechanical engineering degrees from the University of Rhode Island, Marquette University and the University of Maryland at College Part, Dave joined GSFC in 2006.

Dave started his career at GSFC in 2006, in the Facilities Management Division, performing roles for project planning, project design and construction, and program management.

Dave learned a broader view of the Agency as an analyst in the Space Technology Mission Directorate, in 2012, where he contributed to the NASA Strategic Plan and captured the strategic alignment of the STMD technology development portfolio within the context of the Agency's overall strategy.

In 2014, Dave joined the Mission Systems and Analysis Division and the Navigation and Mission Design branch. In 2016, Dave moved in the Instrument and Payload Systems Engineering Branch, where he helps manage the payload and instrument systems engineering work and stewards the systems engineering tools and methods efforts.


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