Systems Engineering Seminar

TIRS-2 instrument lessons learned through I&T

Presented by:
Laurie Mann, Code 592

Photo of Laurie Mann

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Webex Meeting

Meeting number (access code): 199 396 6268
Meeting password: @NASA_Engineer5


This seminar will provide an overview of the Thermal Infrared Sensor 2 (TIRS-2) instrument, a follow-on instrument currently part of the LandSat-9 mission. The presentation will walk through a couple key lessons learned through the integration and testing campaign up until delivery to the spacecraft.


Laurie Mann is currently serving as a system engineer on the TIRS-2 and GDC teams. After receiving an aerospace engineering master's degree from Purdue University, Laurie started working for the Navigation and Mission Design branch in 2000 as a mission analyst. During that time, Laurie performed mission design analysis, ground software development, and mission operations support for various missions including CALIPSO, SDO, MMS, and DSCOVR. In 2015, Laurie started the SEED development program where she supported the JWST ISIM system team and TIRS-2 system team. After SEED graduation, Laurie joined the Instrument and Payload Systems Engineering Branch as an instrument system engineer.


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