Systems Engineering Seminar

Updates on the Mission Resilience and Protection Program (MRPP), and Systems Security Engineering

Presented by:
Joshua Krage
Technical Program Manager in the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Meeting number (access code): 199 932 2349
Meeting password: SES@NaSA12
Dial-in: 415-527-5035


This talk covers two areas focused on improving the ability for NASA space systems to protect against, and be resilient to, the effects of an intelligent adversary.

The first area provides a short overview of the NASA Mission Resilience and Protection Program (MRPP, formerly the NASA Space Asset Protection Program) as the program continues to evolve and provide guidance to protect space systems. MRPP is the source of the requirements for project protection plans and NASA-STD-1006, Space System Protection Standard.

The second area covers a new effort for the NASA engineering community to be proactive in delivering systems that are built to be appropriately secure. Whether building new sensors, developing software, or integrating systems, NASA’s engineers are well suited to considering cybersecurity outcomes in the process.


Joshua Krage is currently the technical program manager in the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) overseeing the Mission Resilience and Protection Program (MRPP), formerly known as the Space Asset Protection Program (SAPP). The MRPP supports the NASA Chief Engineer by coordinating and providing technical guidance to improve the resilience and protection of space systems, particularly from malicious threats.

Prior to moving to OCE, Joshua worked at GSFC with various roles in the Engineering Technology Directorate and the Information Technology and Communications Directorate.


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